With Hampi’s main bouldering plateau at the backyard of The Goan Corner, it is no wonder that so many climbers gather and stay here. Climbers generally set off from The Goan Corner from 6.30am till 10am and then again in the afternoons from 4.30pm till the sun sets over the rocky lands.

the-goan-corner_IMG_9218Crash mat rental costs 50 INR per day

All other equipment such as shoes, chalk and everything else a climber requires can be hired or bought at various businesses in the area.



Whether you’ve just started or an advanced climber, Hampi is for you. Set amongst a scattering of ancient Hindu temples in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient kingdom of Vijayanagara has one of the world’s largest selection of grips, cracks and ‘problems’. There are plenty of traditional climbs but bouldering is the main variety here, leaving the climber free to get up in any style, route or technique they can.

A list of the boulder routes can be found on 27 Crags or can be referenced in the book Golden Boulders written by Gerald Krug and Christiane Hupe.

‘The Pilgrimage’

One of the founders of the climbing scene in Hampi and the most famous climber to stay at The Goan Corner is Chris Sharma who whilst staying here with friends Katie Brown and Nate Gold made the film ‘The Pilgrimage’ produced by Big Up Productions. They came here to rediscover the age old act of climbing inorder to really connect with the ground you walk on, cling to and conquer.