About Us

Set amongst one of the most idyllic backdrops in India and perhaps the world, The Goan Corner is a travellers and climbers paradise. Founded in 1998 by Thakur and Sharmilla, one in the kitchen, the other serving, the two of them managed to build up a reputation that lead them to finally acquiring their premises on this side of the river, ‘Hampi Island’. Many people thought that it wouldn’t work as it was away from the main strip but what once seemed to hinder people, turned out to be its biggest asset and now hosts a mixture of climbers and travellers from around the world who come back time and time again.

Known for its array of good home style cooking and specials that change daily, for the friendly nature of the place and the staff, to its rooms and million star dorm. The Goan Corner lives up to its aims of bringing together people from all walks of life and allowing them to get to know each other with only the best comforts of home.

When Chris Sharma made a movie here ‘The Pilgrimage’ in 2003 he left three crash mats and in turn more climbers keep following in his footsteps. Over the years this included Sonny Trotter and Kurt Albers as well as many more avid climbers from beginners to professionals and everyone in between.

The bouldering in Hampi is like nowhere in this world at a times you forget where you really are. In Chris Sharma’s honour we now rent out crash mats and other climbing equipment such as shoes can be rented out from a few businesses in the area.

the-goan-corner-thakurIMG_9677Thakur, Co-Founder and Owner

Thakur was born in Solan, Himachal Pradesh and always wanted to run his own business since first seeing his uncle working in the tourism industry. He set up a restaurant in Manali and then moved to Goa where he was lucky enough to meet his beautiful wife Sharmilla. Together they formed an indestructible team with Thakur running the kitchen while Sharmilla waited on the tables, with their success they decided to set up a business in Hampi and thus The Goan Corner was first conceived.

Sharmilla, Co-Founder and Ownerthe-goan-corner-sharmillaIMG_9686

Sharmilla married Thakur four years after they met but she is not your typical Indian wife. Pretty much the backbone of the business and the only one to actually come from Goa she is well known and loved for her friendly and playful nature, as well as her amazing desserts that have actually gained a reputation in the traveller and climbing community. Her attention to detail and oversight of the whole business is what has allowed The Goan Corner to gain its well deserved reputation and many people come back just to see her.

the-goan-corner-jack-finalJack, Head Continental Chef

Jack, Sharmillas first son is the main Chef of Continental food for The Goan Corner and also helps manage the venue. As a child he always wanted to work with his parents since watching his dad cooking in the kitchen. Even during his time studying Hotel Management in the Culinary Arts in Wayanad, Kerala, he took a year out to put his skills to practice at The Goan Corner. He has also worked for various 5 Star hotels including the Grand Hyatt, Goa and Movenpic, Bangalore. Jack brings his expertise in the industry straight into the heart of the business and we are proud to have him back working for us.

IMG_9668Israel, Manager

Israel, born and bred in Sanapur, the closest village to The Goan Corner first started working for us in 2003 when he simply walked in and asked for a job. Now he is the longest serving member of staff and has become an integral part of the business.  His friendly nature and beautiful smile is always refreshing to see, especially when the restaurant is packed and he manages to keep everything in order.

the-goan-corner-vickiIMG_9690Viki, Head Chef

Viki has been with us for over three years, he  comes from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh to work for 6 months every season where he enjoys the quiet and peaceful nature of life out here. For the first two years he worked on a salary but now he has been promoted to being a 50% partner in the restaurant. He believes in keeping food simple and homely while constantly maintaining a very high standard of hygiene and managing a team of twelve.

We have three standards of rooms, a million star rooftop dormitory with 24 beds, a kitchen that opens at 5.30am when the climbers are around and a variety of games from chess to carrom even slack lines in the garden for rest days.

To further help your stay with us we can offer transportation from the nearest airports such as Bangalore International Airport, Hubli Airport, Vidyanagar Airport and Bellary Airport, we can even book buses, trains and flights for you.

The Goan Corner also includes five canine members who keep the place lively and are all just as friendly and loving as the staff.